France May Use A Telethon To Fund Paris 2024 Olympic Bid

The fate of a Paris bid for the 2024 Olympic Games may come down to the results of a telethon that could be held next June, the Associated Press reports.

France’s National Olympic committee president Denis Masseglia said that public money would not be spent on a bid for the Games, but instead a 24-hour telethon could be held to help raise the estimated $100 million (USD) required for a campaign to win the Games. However a decision to put forth a bid for the Games will have to wait until next year after the IOC meets in December in Monaco to discuss a series of reforms aimed at improving the bid process.

Despite the low interest in bidding for the 2022 Winter Games that has resulted in four cities backing out of their candidacy, interest in hosting the Summer Games has remained strong. Along with France, bids are being considered from the United States, Germany, Rome, Qatar and Turkey though the application deadline isn’t until late 2015.

The IOC will elect a its 2024 Games host in 2017.