Violence In Chicago Could Affect 2016 Bid

Supporters of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are concerned that a recent rash of deadly violence could affect Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Games.

CBS reports there’s also concern among many South Side residents that the violence may spiral out of control.

One resident said, “with all the violence going on, who’s gonna want to come here when people are getting shot left and right”, while another called it “humiliating” and “embarrassing for our city”.

At a town hall meeting Wednesday night attended by 400 residents and activists, part of their message was aimed at city officials who plan to transform Washington Park into an Olympic Village.

Denise Dixon, executive director of Action Now said, “there’s more than just Washington Park to be cleaned up, there’s the 15th Ward, 16th, 17th that have to be cleaned up”.

Tom Foulkes, a 15th Ward Alderman disputed concerns that city leaders are more focused on winning the Olympics than on winning the war on gang violence. “How can you not care when 30 people are killed in one weekend? That’s not true…We all care about what’s going on”.