USOC Congratulates IOC's Report, Applauds Chicago 2016

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) issued a press release saying it joins the Chicago 2016 bid committee in extending its gratitude and congratulations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission for its thorough report and for the invaluable feedback it has provided.

“The USOC applauds Chicago 2016 and the City of Chicago for creating one of the strongest bids the United States has ever put forward. With a long-term vision that creates a sporting and cultural celebration in the heart of the city, Chicago truly puts the athletes first and leaves a sustainable legacy for Chicago, for America and for the worldwide Olympic Movement”.

The USOC said, “….we have worked closely with the Chicago team to address the issues raised in the support, including our full support of and partnership with Chicago 2016 on a new Joint Marketing Programme Agreement which the IOC has confirmed fully meets its requirements, and the USOC’s support of and integration into the Chicago 2016 management structure under the leadership of Pat Ryan and his team. We believe this structure will provide unprecedented certainty and security for the IOC with the full support of the City of Chicago”.

Meanwhile Chicago 2016 is ramping up its bid with some of the country’s most recognizable celebrities and sports figures demonstrating their support.

According to a Chicago 2016 press release, with the help of Chicago 2016 committee member Billy Dec, a local restaurateur, a series of more than 50 short videos have been created featuring nationally recognized celebrities and sport figures talking about their love of Chicago and supporting the city’s bid. A new video will be released online every day for the next 30 days.

Also, Chicago 2016 bid member Tim Smithe has conceived and produced a 30-second television commercial and 60-second radio spot that will air across the city. The commercial features appearances by more than a dozen celebrities.

Patrick G. Ryan, chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016 said, “with 30 days to go until the host city is selected in Copenhagen, the online videos and the new commercial are fun ways to show the world how enthusiastic some of the country’s most high-profile citizens are for Chicago’s bid for the Games. We appreciate their support and look forward to the final decision in just 30 days in Copenhagen”.

The videos and commercial can be viewed on the Chicago 2016 website at