No Future U.S. Olympic Bids, For Now – USOC CEO

United States Olympic Committee (USOC) CEO Stephanie Streeter issued a statement Monday in which she said “there will be absolutely no consideration of any future bids – winter or summer – from the U.S. while Chicago is on the international stage. Let me reiterate that position in the most adamant terms. Chicago is not only our current bid city, it is our only bid city, and it is the sole focus of our efforts”.

Streeter was referring to recent news reports that indicated a number of U.S. cities are considering future Olympic bids.

Streeter added, “we are now 52 days from the decision on the 2016 Host City. All of our hopes and dreams for bringing the Olympic Games back to the United States are anchored in Chicago 2016 an the IOC decision on October 2.

“Through our enduring bidding partnership, Chicago 2016 has earned our gratitude and respect. The City of Broad Shoulders has placed the United States in a great position to bring home the world’s greatest celebration of humanity”.

She praised Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago 2016 Chair and CEO Pat Ryan saying the accomplishment in their quest for the Games “is nothing less than extraordinary”, and that they have developed “a magnificent plan for the Games” that will deliver a “spectacular” experience for the athletes.

The statement continued, “with less than two months to go before the IOC’s decision in Copenhagen, two months in which it is essential for us to capture the attention of the global Olympic Family, it is equally essential that the USOC sustain a 110 per cent on the needs of Chicago 2016”.