Chicago Presents Olympic Bid to the IOC – Obama Wants The World's Faith In The U.S. Restored

Chicago was first of the four cities to present their Olympic bid to IOC members in Copenhagen today beginning at 8:45 AM local time.


American IOC member Anita Defrantz introduced the presentation.

Opening video featured jazz music “Sweet Home Chicago” with video images of the city.

USOC President Larry Probst made a personal committment to the IOC. He spoke about creating a legacy and promising his full support for Chicago 2016.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley spoke about Chicagoans Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalf who competed for the United States at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games. He continued to review what his government has done to transform the city and how the Olympics will help. Still images of the city and people involved in sport were in the background.

“We will be your best partners” he said to the IOC members. “You have my committment.”

An emotional video presentation of people in Chicago of all ages speaking to the IOC about their thoughts on the city of Chicago. The video featured people, landmarks, museums and more.

Bid Chairman Patrick Ryan addressed the IOC describing that Chicago is home of top educational facilities and businesses. He described the economic potential of a Chicago Olympics.

“We will begin tomorrow to prepare” he said.

“I humbly submit that Chicago will be the right partner for the Olympic movement right now.”

“Chicago is clean, safe and beautiful.”

Video of celebration in Chicago to the U2 song The Streets Have No Name.

Decathlete Brian Clay and Paralympian Linda Mastandrea discussed the venue plan of the Chicago bid and other elements from an athlete’s perspective.

Doug Arnott, Venue Director of the bid, speaking in french and english, continued by reviewing the Chicago 2016 venues with images.

“Concrete and steel don’t build sport, people build sport” he said.

Arnott continued to speak about sports development in Chicago.

Bob Ctvrtlik spoke about athletic training facilities to be made available to NOC’s athletes.

Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google spoke in a video about providing technology to a Chicago 2016 Olympic Games.

“I truly beleive that Chciago is the right partner, right now for the Olympic movement” said Ctvrtlik.

A video of young athletes speaking about their success in sports and education and how their lives were transformed. “Together we can” was the theme of the video.

First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the IOC – she spoke about here family growing up and described how sport was involved, including the Olympics.

She spoke about how she dreamed that through sport something good would happen.

“Today I can dream” she said.

“I’m asking you to choose Chicago, I’m asking you to choose America.”

“I’m asking as a daughter. My dad would have been so proud to witness the Games in Chicago.”

She continued to speak with emotion about her Dad’s battle with multiple sclerosis and how he refused to let his daughters take their abilities for granted.

“I brought somebody with me, somebody who knows something about change, my husband President of the United States Barack Obama.”

President Obama took the podium.

“We look forward to welcoming the world.”

“She is a pretty good selling point for the City” Obama said about his wife.

“I came to discover that Chicago is the most American of Amercian cities.”

Obama described his hometown, its sporting tradition and its diversity.

“We see so much of ourselves in these Games – that’s why we want them in Chicago, that’s why we want them in America.”

“We stand in a moment in history. The faith of each nation is inextricably linked to the faith of all nations.”

“I urge you to choose Chicago, I urge you to choose America”

Obama closed the presentation.

The question and answer period began.

Sergei Bubka asked a question about the extra Olympic village for cycling and a distant shooting competition.

Prince Albert of Monaco asked about assurance that the venues will stay the same as the documents. Doug Arnot described work with the sports federations and contracts and agreements for facilities that will ensure that the experience presented today will be experienced by athletes in 2016.

He also asked what the most important legacy of the Chicago Games would be.

President Obama answered “One of the legacies I want to see from Chicago 2016 hosting the Games is a reminder that America at its best is open to the world. I want to see the restoration of the faith of the world to the U.S.”

He added that te Games would have “full force of the White House and State Department”.

“We look like the world and I think that over the last couple of the years that fundamental truth has been lost.”

The meeting was adjourned.