Chicago 2016 Promoted Bid At Science Event

Chicago 2016 and World Sport Chicago, in collaboration with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, and Chicago Public Schools, hosted the third annual Chicago Science in the City: The Science Sport, this past weekend. The event was held to teach participants how science is at the core of every sport in hopes of motivating children to pursue science and sports, and challenge them to consider the role science plays in the sporting world. Several Olympians and Paralympians participated in the event.

Bill Scherr, chairman of World Sport Chicago, said “World Sport Chicago is the living legacy of Chicago 2016, and part of the city’s bid legacy is to educate and excite youth about Olympic and Paralympic Sport. Chicago Science in the City is an innovative way that World Sport Chicago can create new-found interest and participation in amateur sport for the youth in Chicago”.

Several interactive exhibits were on display at the event that combined science and sport; educating youth on the scientific principles behind many sport activities.

Patrick G. Ryan, chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016 said in a press release, “Chicago’s bid plan for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games goes beyond the Games period. Our plan calls for programming that will leave a lasting legacy on Chicago’s youth and amateur sport, and events like Chicago Science in the City are integral to educating youth in a fun and interactive way”.

Students received a “passport” encouraging them to visit all the interactive zones at the event, and each time they completed an activity they received a stamp in their passport. When the completed passports were shown to booth organizers at the Chicago 2016 booth, the students received a special Olympic take-away.