Chicago 2016 Part Of “Greening Initiative” Plan

The Climate Group announced Wednesday an “unprecedented” program to link major businesses with several non-profit organizations to launch a comprehensive “greening” initiative in the city of Chicago in collaboration with Chicago 2016’s Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games bid.

Details of the joint Chicago 2016 – The Climate Group initiative were unveiled by Pat Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016, and Chris Walker, North America Director of The Climate Group, at a local conference on climate change.

Ryan said at the announcement, “the bid puts a great emphasis on environmental protection as it is one of the three pillars of the Olympic movement. We are proud, not only of the leadership shown by Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago environmental initiatives such as the green roofs program, but also the contribution from our Chicago 2016 Environmental Advisory Committee who developed the idea of 21st century green centres. The concept of green centres fits perfectly with our venue development plan, a plan that focuses on responsible use of our sports venue and minimal environmental impact”.

Under the plan the Chicago 2016 initiative will form a coalition with established non-profit organizations which will work with the business community and then commit to creating a series of “21st Century Green Urban Centers”. The centres will be located around the city’s potential Olympic venues, creating innovative green spaces that demonstrate Chicago’s commitment to climate action, said a press release.

The initiative will invite participation of major businesses based in Chicago as well as national companies that have a presence in the Chicago area. The press release said that partnering with well-established non-profit environmental organizations to create these plans will help ensure the programs deliver tangible and credible results.

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