Chicago 2016 Must Open Its Books – City Council

The Chicago Sun Times reports Chicago 2016 must open its books to an “objective” third party – possibly the Civic Federation – for an analysis of the city’s bid for the 2016 Summer Games under a resolution approved by city council Tuesday.

The resolution reportedly calls for a Civic Federation analysis. It received widespread support.

Alderman Richard Mell said, “there’s a lot of people in my community who don’t trust the 2016 committee”.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said, “there’s no credibility gag. I don’t know where they get that”.

Several other aldermen are reportedly saying they don’t completely trust what Mayor Richard Daley and the 2016 committee are telling them so they want an independent auditing team to comb through Chicago’s 2016 bid looking for possible cost overruns.

Alderman Joe Moore said, “the Olympics are going to lose a lot of support in the City Council. They certainly will lose my support unless I have the assurance that this will not end up in huge cost overruns”.

Meanwhile Alderman Manny Flores introduced an ordinance that would cap the contribution from Chicago taxpayers at the $500 million the city council has already pledged. He said, “that’s what the residents of the city want. They want the assurance they’re not going to be out on the hook long term”.

Another resolution reportedly demanded that Chicago 2016 appear before the Finance Committee prior to August 31 to discuss “prior expenditures, pro bono contributions from the private sector” and future bid financing “including insurance protections”.

Last week Mayor Daley indicated the city would take full responsibility for financial issues if Chicago is selected host of the 2016 Games. Tuesday the Mayor said he signed no such agreement. He said, “I signed nothing. Please, I signed nothing”.

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