Chicago 2016 Launches Online Channel

Chicago 2016 launched Wednesday a new online channel that will feature stories about Chicago told through the eyes of its citizens. Patrick G. Ryan, chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016 invited all Chicagoans to help tell the world why Chicago is the best place to host the 2016 Summer Games.

Ryan said in a press release, “as a city renowned for our passion, civic pride, love of sports and great sense of humour we know that no one can tell our story better than our own people. We are asking all of those who believe in bringing the world to Chicago for the 2016 Games to tell their own story of ‘Why Chicago’ by creating videos to be shared with the world”.

Supporters of the Chicago 2016 Games are invited to the newly unveiled Chicago 2016 Channel (through the Chicago officials website at to post their own videos about why Chicago is the best city as well as give the world a little taste of what Chicago can bring to the Games. According to the press release the best videos as chosen by the public will be highlighted for special recognition.

Residents of Chicago are also encouraged to visit the online channel regularly to check out their favourite “Why Chicago” videos and share their stories with one another and the world.

The new channel will also feature “fun videos by a cross-section of rising stars from the Chicago improv. community”. Participants, including performers, songwriters, artists or anyone with a video camera or web cam are “encouraged to make their videos fun, unique and loaded with Chicago flavor”, said the press release.

Meanwhile Reuters reports the new U.S. President, to be elected in November, will attend an International Olympic Committee (IOC) session next year to support Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Chicago 2016 head Patrick Ryan said Thursday, “we have very strong support from both presidential candidates. Whoever wins will fly to Copenhagen (for the IOC vote)”.

He added, “whoever is elected will be very early on in his term and the world will be anxious to meet, to get to know them”.