Chicago 2016 “Gratified” With IOC Evaluation Commission Report

Chicago 2016 Chairman and CEO Patrick G. Ryan said following the publication of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission report, “we congratulate and thank the International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission for its report and the thorough analysis it conducted of all four cities. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to demonstrate that we will be an outstanding partner in listening to the IOC and following its direction.

“In reviewing the report, we are particularly gratified to see that the evaluation commission recognizes our vision and overall concept for hosting the Games and that we will deliver a spectacular sport experience for the athletes of the world, ‘turning the centre of the city into an Olympic playground’. The report also reaffirms that our Games venue plan aligns with recommendations made by the IOC Games Study Commission and will leave a ‘sustainable urban, sport, social and environmental legacy for the community'”.

Ryan added, “we are also pleased the evaluation commission found our plan to be technically sound and achievable and noted the strengths of our bid in areas such as the Olympic Village, Security, Accommodations and Medical Services. We are gratified to see that the evaluation commission came to the same conclusion as the Civic Federation of Chicago regarding the soundness and achievability of our Games budget”.

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