Chicago 2016 Cycling And Mountain Bike Venues In Wisconsin

Should Chicago host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, two proposed venue locations will be in Madison Wisconsin – the Olympic road cycling and mountain biking. They would be at the Wisconsin Road Cycling Course and the Wisconsin Mountain Bike Circuit.

Patrick G. Ryan, chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016 said, “Chicago 2016 has consistently placed athletes at the centre of our Games plan. Our constituents emphasized their desire for technical and challenging courses and we believe that the natural terrain found in Madison will exceed their expectations and make for an ideal competitive environment”.

The Wisconsin Road Cycling Course would begin on the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The Wisconsin Bike Circuit would be held in Tyrol Basin, a popular ski and snowboard destination in the winter.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle said in a press release, “not only is Madison a great place to live, it’s the nation’s premier area for bike riding. I am pleased that the Chicago 2016 committee has chosen Madison to be its cycling hub and can’t wait for people from around the world to discover our beautiful region”.

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