Advance Team For Possible Obama Visit To Copenhagen

A senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama said that an advance team has been dispatched to Copenhagen to pave the way for a possible appearance by the President before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meets next month in Copenhagen to elect a host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Chicago is one of four cities competing.

The advance team is due to arrive Monday.

The decision reportedly doesn’t necessarily mean Obama will be there in person to boost Chicago’s bid, but the President wants to make sure he has the option to go in case he can get away from discussions on health care to make the trip.

Before any presidential trip, White House advance teams need time to check on security and make arrangements for accommodations.

The LA Times reports the advisor said, “he wants to preserve his options”, saying the President hopes to make the trip if he can do so without jeopardizing healthcare legislation.

In either case First Lady Michelle Obama will still be there to promote Chicago’s bid. The White House considers her a persuasive saleswoman. The advisor said, “she is regarded as an essential strength of the strategy, because she was born and raised in Chicago and her life story embodies the Olympic spirit”.