Berlin To Unveil 2024 Games Bid

Outgoing Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit told reporters Tuesday that the city of Berlin will unveil its concept for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games on September 1 which will be followed by a city referendum on an Olympic bid.

Germany has not yet decided on which city would be the official candidate for the 2024 Summer Games – Hamburg or Berlin.

Wowereit said “we will answer the questions of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and then we will unveil our concept on September 1. After that there will be a vote for all Berliners to decide. We want the widest possible support in this”.

There has not been a decision on a deadline as to which German city will be put forward for the 2024 Games. Bidding begins in 2015 and a decision is to be made in 2017.

Berlin last hosted the Olympics in 1936 and its Games stadium is still in full operation today.