Snowboarding Festival Boosts LA 2024 Olympic Bid

The Los Angeles bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games said the Air + Style snowboarding and music festival held in the city on the weekend renewed its pledge to deliver a convergence of Olympic sport and “cutting-edge” entertainment that engages and excites youth.

Air + Style snowboarding and music festival in Los Angeles boost LA 2024 Olympic bid (LA 2024 Photo)

Air + Style snowboarding and music festival in Los Angeles boost LA 2024 Olympic bid (LA 2024 Photo)

Tens of thousands of young Angelenos witnessed, for the third year running, a vast temporary 16-story snowboard jump tower over the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the world’s premier Big Air snowboard competition.  The sport presentation was enhanced by globally recognized musical acts Major Lazer and Flume who headlined a “star-studded line-up” of musical guests playing on stages around LA 2024’s proposed venue for Olympic and Paralympic track and field.

Casey Wasserman, LA 2024 Chairman said “on behalf of LA 2024, congratulations to Air + Style for staging a smooth, successful and thrilling weekend of sport and entertainment.”

“Air + Style’s pioneering approach to engaging youth audiences through electrifying competition, world-class entertainment and cutting-edge use of he latest social media technologies reflects our vision for what LA 2024 can offer the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

“LA 2024 is the global hub of entertainment, creativity and innovation, and LA 2024 aims to weave these into every aspect of the Games, from the Opening to the Closing ceremony, so as to firmly engage a new generation of Olympic and Paralympic enthusiasts for decades to come.

“Air + Style was also further proof of Angelenos’ insatiable appetite for sport.  The rousing atmosphere on display this weekend at the Coliseum is a snapshot of the festival atmosphere and warm welcome athletes, the Olympic Family and fans could expect should LA be awarded the honor of being named host city.”

LA is competing with Paris to host the 2024 Olympics.  Budapest, a third city that had been in the race, announced its withdrawal Wednesday.  The host city will be selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) September 13 in Lima, Peru.