San Francisco Reveals 2024 Bid Plans at City Hall

San Francisco revealed its plans for a $4 billion 2024 Summer Olympic Games bid Thursday at San Francisco city hall – only two days ahead of the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) decision on what city will be chosen to represent America.

Mayor Ed Lee told reporters that his city is the best place on earth to host the 2024 Summer Games.

San Francisco 2024 Logo

San Francisco 2024 Logo

According to the plan, baseball and soccer venues would not be a problem. Boxing would take place at Cow Palace, gymnastics at the new Warrior’s stadium, and weight lifting and fencing at the Moscone Center.  A new swimming venue was proposed for Pier 80 and the plan calls for 2,000 units for the Olympic Village at the Hunter’s Point shipyard.

Lee said that the idea is to incorporate the Olympic venues into existing projects like the homes at Hunter’s Point that are being built.  He said, “you know I’m going to say very clearly we’re not going to be building white elephants in our city or in our region”.

There is no facility for an Olympic stadium in San Francisco, so the plan is to have the same company that designed AT&T also design a pop-up stadium which would be recycled once the Games are over.

San Francisco Olympic Committee member Steve Strandberg said, “for example, the seats would go to local high school and colleges for their facilities”.

From the towering redwoods, to the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, to the stunning coastline, the San Francisco Bay Area’s breathtaking physical beauty, iconic landmarks and ideal weather impress and inspire visitors and residents alike. –

The proposed site of the reusable recyclable stadium is the landfill along Highway 101 just south of Candlestick Park.

According to the plan the East Bay would have basketball prelims, rhythmic gymnastics and rowing, while Silicon Valley would host soccer and rugby, and San Jose would get volleyball, judo and wrestling.

Meanwhile an opposition group, “SF No 2024 Olympics” has formed to fight the nomination of San Francisco to bid for the Games.  Former city Supervisor Chris Daly said he would try to force a ballot on the issue; he’s concerned there will be cost overruns and taxpayers would be “left on the hook.”

Daly has written a letter to the USOC explaining his concerns.

On Thursday the USOC will choose either San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington or Boston to bid for the 2024 Olympic Games.