Rome 2024 Athletes’ Village Location Still Undetermined

Rome 2024 Olympic Bid LogoGiovanni Malago, Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) chairman said Wednesday it is still unclear where an athletes’ village for Rome’s 2024 Olympic bid would be built.

ANSA reports the city has suggested building it in the outlying Tor Vergata district.

Malago said, “if anyone can indicate a different location, we’re open to the idea”.

Olympic Bid Chief Luca Cordero di Montezmolo said “we indicated that location…in agreement with environmentalists.  We took several factors into account, including the distance between facilities and their possible use after the Olympics on a university campus.  If we want to change the location, that’s fine”.

He added that it must be a good one because “we must convince 85 International Olympic Committee members to choose Rome over Los Angeles and Paris”.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi (Twitter Photo)Phase 3 of the bid book documents that are due into the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in February are to include venue plans and details about the site of the Athletes’ Village.  The Evaluation Commission will be visiting Rome to tour the venues just weeks later.

ANSA reports that the new Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, is said to be against Tor Vergata as a location for the new Olympic Village.

Raggi, who opposed the bid during her election campaign, has been since open to discuss the project.  If the bid is to move forward – it will likely need to be accepted through a referendum and pass the Mayor’s scrutiny.

Rome is bidding for the 2024 Olympics with Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris.  The IOC is to select a host city in September 2017.