Paris 2024 Shares Sustainability Vision And New Online Platform At Munich Conference

Attending Climate Action’s Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2017 conference in Munich, Germany, representatives from Paris’ 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid shared the project’s strategy to host the most sustainable Games ever.  A high-level meeting brought stakeholders from government, governing bodies, clubs, federations and the private sector to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities around enhancing sustainability in sport.

Paris 2024 is attending SIS Munich conference organised by Climate Action (Paris 2024 photo)

Paris 2024 is attending SIS Munich conference organised by Climate Action (Paris 2024 photo)

Representing the Paris bid were Jerome Lachaze, Head of Sustainability, and Marie Barsacq, Director of Legacy, and they met with international colleagues to talk about Paris 2024’s vision on sustainability, looking at ways to maximize global partnerships for the Games and to help advance discussions for a more sustainable world of sport.

Paris 2024 shared insight on its groundbreaking emissions reduction strategy that will result in a 55 per cent smaller carbon footprint than London 2012, which was widely agreed to be the most sustainable Games to date.

The Muncih conference coincided with Tuesday’s launch of an a new online platform and animated film highlighting Paris 2024’s commitment to creating a truly sustainable spectator experience.

The website,, which was developed in collaboration with all of Paris 2024’s official partners and suppliers, reportedly offers a taste of the spectator experience in 2024 and includes a glimpse of the innovative technology that will be used to ensure Paris 2024 delivers on its promise to be the most sustainable Games in history.

The animated film offers a glimpse of the Paris 2024 visitor experience, with wristbands storing visitors’ bookings and reservations and serving as a means of payment on all of Paris’ public transport.  The film also introduces the Paris 2024 visitor app, which will assist guests in making eco-friendly travel choices.  At the end of the Games the app will tally up each user’s sustainable efforts into a points system, and will pledge to plant trees based on each user’s score.  The animated film features current and planned solutions that will help deliver a sustainable experience.

Paris 2024 co-chair Tony Estanguet said, “new technology and sustainable solutions provide us with means of helping our visitors make eco-friendly choices during the Games, and we are excited about introducing them to the Olympic family.”

“We are committed to ensuring that Paris 2024 is the most sustainable Games in history, and this platform offers a first look at some of the fascinating innovations we will be using to do that.  As we move forwards towards 2024, I am sure that we will introduce many more eco-friendly initiatives.”

Paris is competing for the 2024 Games alongside Los Angeles.  The Budapest government Wednesday announced that it will be withdrawing from the 2024 Olympic bid.  The host city will be selected by the International Olympic Committee September 13 in Lima, Peru.

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