Paris 2024 Officials Share Project With International Paralympic Committee

A delegation representing the Paris 2024 bid to host the Paralympic Games visited the headquarters of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in Bonn, Germany Friday to share its project with leaders of the Paralympic movement.

Paralympic Chief Sir Philip Craven meets with Paris 2024 officials in Bonn, Germany February 9, 2017 (Paris 2024 Photo)
Paralympic Chief Sir Philip Craven meets with Paris 2024 officials in Bonn, Germany February 9, 2017 (Paris 2024 Photo)

The delegation was led by Paris 2024 Co-Chair Tony Estanguet and Emmanuelle Assmann, President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee.  They met with IPC President Sir Philip Craven, Chief Executive Xavier Gonzales, and Thanos Kostopoulos, Director for Integration.

During the visit Paris 2024 Chief Executive Etienne Thobois and Lamgis Konstantinidis, head of Sports and Paralympic Integration, presented plans to stage what Paris 2024 says is the most successful Paralympic Games in history.

The Games concept was reportedly developed in close collaboration with athletes, and includes a 100 per cent accessible eco-village (offering over 60 per cent of single rooms for Paralympians) that will sit adjacent to the Aquatics Centre and the Stade de France.  Ninety per cent of Paralympians will be within 10 km. of their competition sites and all venues will be accessible via Paris’ “world-class public transport system”.

Ninety-five per cent of the installations will be existing or temporary. The first Paralympic training youth centre is at Le Bourget.  According to Paris 2024, the venue for Wheelchair Fencing and Badminton in 2024 will prepare the next generation of para-athletes and support the development of sport for people with Impairment.

Estanguet said, “experiencing the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games last year reinforced my belief in the absolute importance of the Paralympic Movement.”

“With Paris 2024 we have the opportunity to create a truly unique project that combines two amazing events in one incredible celebration of passion and purpose in the hear of Paris.

“With 95 per cent of venues existing or temporary structures, Paris 2024 will invest much of its resources in its legacy plan to encourage positive change through sport from the mobilization of people with impairment in the preparation of the Games, to the development and promotion of para-sport to transform public perceptions, Paris 2024 wants to be an accelerator of change.”

Craven added “I would like to thank the leaders of the Paris 2024 bid committee for their visit to the IPC headquarters in Bonn to present their bid.”

“The IPC office will now analyse the three files ahead of the Evaluation Commission visit in which Paralympian Duane Kate will take part.

“Throughout this process the candidate cities have demonstrated their willingness to learn and integrate the recommendations of the IPC and their proposals are very positive from the perspective of the 2024 Games”.

Paris is bidding for the 2024 Games alongside Budapest and Los Angeles.  The host city will be selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sept. 13 in Lima, Peru.

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