No Referendum for Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid

The Hungarian government said it has no plans to hold a referendum on Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The government issued a statement to shoot down “various misconceptions” about the possibility of a public vote on the bid, saying there is “solid support and a powerful unity” behind the project.

Hungarian Parliament in Budapest
Hungarian Parliament in Budapest (Photo: hunszabi – Indafoto)

According to a public opinion poll published this week, 51 per cent of Hungarians want a referendum while 46 per cent back Budapest’s bid and 41 per cent are against it.

The statement said, “such referendum is neither required nor expected by the IOC.  Consequently there are no plans to hold a vote whether we should bid or not.  Such binding decisions have been made and important work is in progress”.

The statement said the city of Budapest and the national parliament passed resolutions in favour of the bid with support of more than 80 per cent.  It said, “majority and minority political groups cooperated in making such decisions and there was a real cross-country support for the bid”.

Hamburg’s Olympic bid must face a binding referendum on November 29th, while the former Boston 2024 bid would have had to face a November 2016 referendum had poor public support not already derailed the campaign last August.

Krakow, Poland dropped its 2022 Winter Games bid when it lost a referendum last year.

Budapest is competing for the 2024 Games along with Rome, Paris, Los Angeles and Hamburg.

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