Local Leaders Declare Support For Paris 2024 Olympic Bid

Paris 2024 Olympic Bid LogoParis 2024 is getting support from more than 35,000 local leaders for their 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid.  33,976 mayors and 1,410 presidents of Inter-Municipal Regions across France expressed their enthusiasm for the bid at a gathering of the 99th edition of their national congress.  They declared the project a matter of national importance.  Their support for the bid was expressed by the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) on behalf of all of its members.

Co-Presidents Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet attended the congress to present their bid vision.  They will be joined by several local mayors when they embark on a “Tour de France” in September to promote the benefits of the Games across the country and open further dialogue with the French public.

Paris 2024 Logo unveiled on Arc de Triomphe (Paris 2024 Photo)
Paris 2024 Logo unveiled on Arc de Triomphe (Paris 2024 Photo)

Lapasset said, “I would like to thank the elected local leaders of France for their committed support and encouragement for the Paris 2024 bid.  The mayors and presidents of the regions have the best interests of their citizens at heart and we must harness the passion and enthusiasm for Olympic Sport across France.  Our aim is to deliver a fantastic Games for the international sporting movement and the people of all our local communities”.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, added “the Paris 2024 bid is a bid for all of France.  It carries a message of hope and unity and I am proud that so many local leaders have pledged their support to this project which will touch and resonate with the whole nation”.

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