LA 2024 Releases New Video Series Featuring Bid Chairman

Los Angeles’ bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Monday released the first episode of its “What’s Not in the Bid Book” video series featuring LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman taking viewers behind the scenes of Hollywood’s Universal Studios.  The video highlights Los Angeles’ role as a global storytelling powerhouse, which LA 2024 says it wants to harness to connect the Olympic and Paralympic Games with the next generation.

The video series offers a view of LA though the eyes of Wasserman, and tells the story of why LA is uniquely positioned to connect the Games with a new generation of Olympic and Paralympic enthusiasts in 2024.  It says that LA 2024 will engage a new generation of young adults around the world with its technology and creativity and that the Olympic Movement needs this now more than ever.

The series highlights some of LA’s lesser known “treasures” including the most scenic hikes, its most “mouth-watering” tacos, and its trendiest museums.  The series trailer reportedly accumulated more than 2.9 million views across all platforms.

The first episode features Wasserman taking a selfie with legendary movie alien E.T. and a drive through the set of “Hill Valley”, the town central in the movie “Back to the Future.”  Wasserman also strolls through a set depicting Europe – possibly France.  In a nod to rival bid city Paris he says “you go to Europe and you still get the sunshine of California.”

Wasserman said, “I am thrilled about our ‘What’s Not in the Bid Book’ video series because it allows me to share all of the reasons why I love the City of Angels, beyond sport.”

“One of those reasons is LA’s history as the global hub of movies and entertainment.  Storytelling is what we do in LA, it’s who we are, and it’s one of the reasons our city is uniquely positioned to deliver a Games that sparks the imagination of young people around the world.

LA 2024 Bid Chief Casey Wasserman at Rio 2016 (GamesBids Photo)
LA 2024 Bid Chief Casey Wasserman at Rio 2016 (GamesBids Photo)

“Angelenos are creative, driven and always imagining ‘what’s next’ and there’s no better reflection of that than Hollywood.  LA 2024 is excited and fully committed to putting the imagination of our most creative Angelenos at the service of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements to deliver a new Games for a new era.”

Last month LA 2024 announced that four of Hollywood’s largest movie studios Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. are throwing their creative talents behind LA 2024.

LA is competing with Paris to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.  The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will select the winning city September 13 in Lima, Peru.

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