LA 2024 Launches New Video Series, ‘Legends of LA’

The Los Angeles bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Tuesday released a new video series designed to showcase it’s proposed Olympic venues from the viewpoint of legendary Olympians.

The “Legends of LA” video series will feature Olympians including Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Cobi Jones and Carl Lewis who have made history competing in them.

The first video in the new series features Olympic champion and LA 2024 Athletes’ Advisory Commission member Carl Lewis reliving his memories of the 1984 Games in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where events were also staged for the 1932 Games, and competitions for the 2024 Games are planned.

The “Legends of LA” video series is “the latest reflection of LA 2024’s commitment to connect the Olympic and Paralympic Movements with the next generation by harnessing the power of social media,” according to the bid.

Last month LA 2024 premiered it’s “What’s Not in the Bid Book” video series, which has earned more than 3.6 million views across social media to date, and the bid has continued to leverage it’s connection to Hollywood and film-making to build appeal for the cultural aspects of the bid.

LA 2024 Vice Chair Janet Evans said “we are thrilled to introduce the ‘Legends of LA’ video series, and shine a spotlight on our city’s most beloved temples of sport through the eyes of legendary athletes who have thrilled capacity crowds within their walls.”

“These videos not only remind us of LA’s abundance of state-of-the-art sporting infrastructure, which would make LA 2024 the lowest risk Games in history, but they are also a further reflection of our bid committee’s commitment to connecting the Games with the next generation.

“The world is changing, and that includes the way we communicate and engage with young people about the positive values of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

“‘Legends of LA’ is LA 2024’s latest effort to harness the City of Angels’ status as a hub of global storytelling and technology to connect the Games with the world’s youth in their languages, on their platforms and on their terms.”

Los Angeles is competing against rival Paris to host the the 2024 Olympic Games.  The winning city will be elected September 11 in Lima, Peru.

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