Hoteliers Embrace Rome 2024 Olympic Bid As An Opportunity To Modernize

Rome 2024 Olympic Bid LogoThursday morning the Rome 2024 Olympic bid committee, together with FederAlberghi and Unindustria, met with a delegation of hoteliers from Rome and discussed the advantages the Olympics would provide for the tourism and accommodation sector based on data derived from international comparisons and from previous Games.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) more than 40,000 rooms are required during the Games with 8,300 of those to be used for the Paralympic Games. Diana Bianchedi, General Coordinator for the Committee said, “the structures available in Rome amply suffice for these figures” adding “the race for the Olympics is one we all need to win together”.

“We are excited by the challenge; it’s an opportunity we mustn’t let slip by” said Onorio Rebecchini, Councillor for FederAlberghi’s Executive Council.  He added “we want to strengthen Rome’s traditional vocation toward hospitality, making the most of this chance to modernize and enhance our accommodations.  That’s why we are already standing beside you during this initial phase”.

Rome’s Olympic dreams are currently under threat by newly elected Mayor Virgina Raggi who publicly opposed the bid during her election campaign.  Raggi believes the money would be better spent on more fundamental city projects and could put the decision to a public referendum.  The bid committee sees partnerships with businesses as a way to demonstrate the value to the city of hosting the Games in 2024.

The Roman Colosseum could be used for the medals plaza at a Rome 2024 Olympic Games (Wikipedia Photo)

The Roman Colosseum could be used for the medals plaza at a Rome 2024 Olympic Games (Wikipedia Photo)

In September 2016 a technical discussion will be held with hoteliers from Rome.  The outcome of the meeting will be used for the third phase of Rome’s 2024 bid, which will close on February 3 with the delivery of the final section of the Olympic bid book.

Rome 2024 has also signed partnership agreements with the Sapienza University of Rome and the Sapienza Innovazione Consortium in an initiative dedicated to scouting innovative technology and projects to support research and development in sectors of interest for Rome’s 2024 bid, helping to modernize the city.

The partnership agreement calls for research programs studying technology in the following sectors – cultural heritage, green economy, smart cities, mobility, logistics, food, safety and security – in order to develop technological innovations through collaboration with top-level structures.

According to the agreement there will be regular meetings and dialogue with students and faculty focusing on innovative solutions in support of Rome’s bid.

Rome is bidding for the Games with Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris.  A decision on the host city will be made by the IOC in September 2017.

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