Former Boston 2024 Chair Pagliuca to Join Los Angeles Olympic Bid

Steve Pagliuca, Boston 2024 Chairman (Photo: Bain Capital)Former Chair of the now withdrawn Boston 2024 Olympic Games bid Steve Pagliuca has joined the board of the Los Angeles 2024 bid the Boston Globe reported Friday.

When Boston’s bid failed to move past 40 percent support in Public Opinion polls last summer, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) ended New England’s shot at hosting the Games and partnered with Los Angeles instead where as may as 88 percent have been behind the project.

LA 2024’s Chief Casey Wasserman reportedly asked Pagliuca to take the volunteer position to help with international public relations and finance.

“The thinking was all that time that we spent on our bid would be valuable to bring to LA,” Pagliuca said.

Los Angeles is battling Budapest and Paris – and while Rome is still in the race, it’s campaign is teetering after a new anti-Olympics mayor was elected this week.

Paris is seen as LA’s fiercest rival and international PR will be a critical component for the eventual winning city.  Last week Paris executives made an unannounced visit to inspect the California city’s proposed Olympic venues in an unusually bold fashion, showing that the race is truly on.

Boston 2024 and Opponents Debate Olympic Bid (Fox 25 Screen Grab)
Boston 2024’s Steve Pagliuca (left) and Opponents Debate Olympic Bid (Fox 25 Screen Grab)

Pagliuca last year replaced original Boston 2024 Chair John Fish in an effort to rally domestic support and save the struggling bid, but the Celtics co-owner fell short in the few months that he was at the helm.  The USOC is betting that he will fare better at the international level.

All four bid committees will have the chance to take part in the “observer program” at the Rio Olympics in August, and may have the opportunity to impress upon major Olympic stakeholders while on the scene.  International promotion of the bids will be permitted early next year.

The International Olympic Committee will elect a winner September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.

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