Tokyo Wins Bid to Host the Olympic Games in 2020

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has elected the city of Tokyo to host the Olympic Games in 2020.

Istanbul was defeated on the final ballot.

This was Tokyo’s second consecutive bid after losing to Rio for the 2016 Games. It was the fifth bid overall for Istanbul who have enacted an Olympic law valid until they host the Games.

Madrid was eliminated earlier when, after tied for second with Istanbul on the first ballot, the Spanish city lost a tiebreaker vote. This was Madrid’s third consecutive try.

Full round-by-round vote count

Tokyo has promised that Japan will provide “a safe pair of hands” to deliver the Games and they have $4.5 billion in the bank to fund the project.

Istanbul were promising to “bridge together” continents, cultures and religion with a Games on two continents.

The election has been held during the IOC’s 125th Session at the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel.

More on this developing story soon, including vote counts and other details.

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