Tokyo 2020 Unveils “Sport for Tomorrow” At IOC Briefing

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso unveiled a Japanese government initiative called “Sport for Tomorrow” during Tokyo 2020’s presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne on Wednesday. The program will comprise overseas projects designed to promote the Olympic Movement around the globe, the creation of an international sports academy based in Japan, and additional support for WADA’s global anti-doping efforts.

IOC member and President of Tokyo 2020 and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) Tsunekazu Takeda underlined Tokyo 2020’s commitment to the Olympic Movement. He said, “Japan has been touched by the universal power of sport…and is committed to sharing that power with others”.

He added that Tokyo’s vision is to unite the unique assets of a city and country whose culture inherently mirrors the three core Olympic Values – excellence, friendship and respect – and that Tokyo has the ability to deliver certainty in these uncertain times.

During the presentation Tokyo 2020 said it will be the right partner for the IOC at the right time. In its bid campaign Tokyo has guaranteed that the entire Olympic Family will benefit from three core strengths: delivery – Tokyo can be trusted in uncertain times for sport; celebration – Tokyo will host an incredibly city-centre party like never before; innovation – Tokyo will use all the creativity and knowledge of the world’s most forward-thinking city to benefit sport worldwide.

Deputy Prime Minister Aso said, “over the last 40 years Japan has sent more than 3,000 coaches to more than 80 countries…sports equipment to and helped build sports facilities in more than 90 countries…and, through the Japanese Anti-Doping Agency, has played a full role in the global fight against drugs in sport. Now we want to go further”.

Governor Naoki Inose highlighted Tokyo’s low risk appeal. He said “Tokyo has the biggest economy of any city in the world…it has allowed us to build our Games Hosting Fund of 4.5 billion US dollars”. He alluded to Tokyo’s world-class transport system saying that “every athlete and member of the Games Family will arrive on time…every time. No one will be stuck in a traffic jam whey they should be competing, training or working”.

Masato Mizuno, CEO of Tokyo 2020, emphasized the bid’s public and domestic sponsor support while Ambassador Christel Takigawa elaborated on the “incredible atmosphere” that visitors experience when they visit Tokyo saying, “I can tell you that this is a city where the east meets the west…in a shared spirit of discovery and friendship…and promise that every visitor in 2020 will leave with memories to last a lifetime”.