Tokyo 2020 Focuses On Environmentally Friendly Games

As Japan celebrated the 40th anniversary of World Environment Day Tuesday, leaders of Tokyo 2020 say they are focussing on ensuring that the 2020 Summer Games would deliver a lasting social and sporting legacy, including sustainable construction and a continued commitment to energy conservation.

Organizers also envision environmentally-responsible sports facilities, including a new Olympic Stadium that would suite athletes and spectators, and would also sustainably benefit generations to come.

All Tokyo 2020 venues and facilities being built or renovated would meet the CASBEE energy-efficiency building certification standard, Japan’s tool for assessing and rating the environmental performance of buildings.

Tokyo 2020’s plan calls for maximum use of natural energy, renewable sources, and recycled construction materials.

Masato Mizuno, Tokyo 2020 CEO said, “World Environment Day gives all of us a good reason to again think about the importance of respecting today’s environment for the sake of tomorrow. Public events, large and small, must be designed for minimum impact on the environment and the Olympic Games are no exception. The Tokyo 2020 plan minimizes the Games’ environmental impact in all facets, including building materials, waste reduction, smart water use and more”.

Mizuno added, “the environment is the third dimension of Olympism, alongside sport and culture. For decades Tokyo has been a world leader in long-term environmental planning. Hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will serve as the catalyst to create the ultimate 21st century showcase of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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