The 2020 Olympic Bid Voting Process

In Buenos Aires Saturday, the IOC will elect the host city for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Each city will give final presentations to the voting International Olympic Committee members. The drawn order of the presentations is Istanbul, Tokyo, and then Madrid. Each city will have 45 minutes to present and a period for questions and answers.

Istanbul will present at 9:00 AM, Tokyo will follow at 10:30 AM and then Madrid at 12:00 PM.

After the presentations, the Evaluation Commission will review their report with the IOC members.

Voting will commence a 3:45 PM local time in Buenos Aires – it will be by secret electronic balloting.

Any city requires 50% +1 votes to win a ballot. If no city receives enough votes to win, the bid with the least amount of votes is dropped from the ballot and the remaining cities are added to a new ballot. There could be one or two ballots, or three if two cities tie for second on the first ballot and require a run-off.

There are currently 103 IOC members. Members representing countries with a bid city on the ballot may not vote. There are three members from Spain, and one each from Japan and Turkey. These members may vote in the subsequent ballot if their city is eliminated.

President Jacques Rogge will not vote. In total, there are 97 eligible votes on the first ballot. This number will be reduced if any voters are excused or absent – currently 2 members will reportedly be absent leaving the first round voters at 95. 48 votes would be needed for a first ballot victory.

If there is a tie vote on the final ballot – the IOC President can cast a tie-breaking vote.

After the first ballot the IOC President will announce either that a winner has been declared or he will name the city that is eliminated from the next and final ballot. After the final ballot, the name of the winning city is sealed until the announcement ceremony at 5:00 PM local time.

Jacques Rogge is schedule to open the envelope at 5:19 PM.

After the announcement, the host city contract signing will follow at 6:30 PM.