Six 2020 Olympic Bids known as application deadline arrives

With Thursday’s 2020 Olympic bid deadline just hours away, six cities have announced that they have submitted application letters to the International Olympic Committee.

Earlier Thursday, Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan surprised many when the National Olympic Committee revealed it had sent in an application two weeks prior after claiming they would not likely bid.

In August, Doha in Qatar confirmed bidding intentions after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved hosting dates outside of the preferred window due to the hot desert climate.

Also in August, Istanbul announced its fifth bid for the Olympic Games.

Earlier in the summer, Tokyo announced a follow-up bid to the city’s 2016 attempt that placed third amongst four bidders. Madrid, the city that placed second for 2016 announced that it would launch Spain’s fifth consecutive summer Games bid (Spain has also bid for two winter Games in recent years) – third straight for Madrid.

Last year, Rome defeated Venice to become Italy’s bid for the 2016 Games.

The IOC is expected to announce the full and final list on Friday that could include additional cities that have applied without any announcement.

Applicants will have until September 15 to pay a USD$150,000 fee designed to cover expenses incurred by the IOC, then in November they will attend a bidding seminar at IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

The cities must then submit written proposals, often referred to as mini bid books, to the IOC by February 15, 2012. These structured documents are in response to a formal questionnaire designed by the IOC so that each bid can be scored on an equal scale. The scores will help the evaluation committee determine which bids to accept as candidates, and the results will be announced in Quebec City, Canada in May of 2012.

Shortlisted candidates will prepare full bid books and submit them by January 13 and the IOC Evaluation Commission will visit each city in the spring of 2013.

A final evaluation will be published August 2013 and the final election will be held September 7, 2013 in Beunos Aires, Argentina.