Six 2020 Bid Cities Rated By Moody's

Doha, Qatar received the highest rating among the six cities, Doha, Tokyo, Rome, Spain, Istanbul and Baku, bidding to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, according to credit ratings published by Moody’s, an agency which awards ratings that can affect the rate at which governments borrow money through ranking the level of risk of the investing environment of a country considered by the international investors.

A study conducted by Sportcal revealed Doha is rated Aa2, the third tier in Moody’s long-term rating system where Aaa represents the least risky rating. Moody’s also rates Qatar’s outlook as “stable”.

The three six cities bidding for the 2020 Games were split up into three groups of two in terms of their credit ratings, with Qatar and Japan highly rated and awarded a “stable’ outlook by Moody’s.

Meanwhile Italy and Spain were rated upper medium but received a negative outlook.

Although Turkey and Azerbaijan were rated relatively low, they were awarded a positive outlook.

Ratings from the other two main rating agencies, Standard & Poors, and Fitch, reportedly follow a broadly similar pattern for the six countries, although both rate Japan’s outlook as “negative” (not stable), while Fitch rates Turkey’s outlook as “stable”, (not positive).