Russia's NOC Supports Baku 2020

The National Olympic Committee of Russia is supporting Baku’s bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, said Russian Olympic Committee executive director Marat Bariyev.

According to, Bariyev said the Russian Olympic Committee is working closely with Azerbaijani colleagues and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Minister in supporting the bid.

Bariyev said that Russia has the experience of participating in bidding, adding, “we are open for tips and advice and are ready to help Baku to get the right to host the Olympics. As a neighbouring country, we are interested in this”.

Bariyev said Baku has a good chance to host the Games. “As a sport centre and dynamically growing economic sector, Baku is attracting the attention of many. It is simply necessary to work more actively and to show oneself”.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is selecting a host city for the 2020 Games September 7, 2013.

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