Madrid Resembles One Big Sports Circuit Promoting 2020 Games Bid

More than 50,000 people celebrated Sports Night in Madrid Saturday to bring the 2020 Olympic Games to the city. The event started at 20:20 and turned out to be a memorable evening.

The city resembled one big sports circuit with a host of activities set up at some of its best known locations.

The main goal of Sports Night was to reach every corner of the globe and let the world know that Madrid wants the Games and has the backing of its residents.

Alejandro Blanco, Spanish Olympic Committee and Madrid 2020 bid president said before the night marathon began, “with this event we want to make the whole planet aware that the city of Madrid wants the Olympic Games with the support of all its citizens”.

The International Olympic Committee is meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 7 to decide which city will host the 2020 Games.