Madrid 2020 To Pay Tribute To Boston Victims At Madrid Marathon

Alejandro Bianco, President of Madrid 2020 and the Spanish Olympic Committee, has offered his deepest condolences and voiced his support for the victims of the Boston bombings.

Bianco said, “a marathon, and especially a people’s marathon, is a celebration of sport. It is the best possible demonstration of how thousands of people can push themselves to new limits to finish the race, driven by nothing more than their own effort, enthusiasm and courage.

“All of us at the Madrid 2020 bid would like to express sour sincere and total support for the athletes, their families, the organizers, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and all the people of the USA, who have suffered as a result of this barbaric act. We are right by their side”.

He added, “sport is there to bring people together, regardless of ideologies and nationalities. Today more than ever we are united with the runners of Boston.”

He added that Madrid 2020 will pay tribute to the Boston victims at the Madrid Marathon, which takes place April 28.