Madrid 2020 Looking To ANOC

The Madrid 2020 bid team says its looking forward to the General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) being held this week.

Alejandro Blanco, President of Madrid 2020 and the Spanish Olympic Committee, said, “the importance of this assembly is that it provides a forum for development and support for NOCs, and apart from feeling at home with my ANOC family, I am grateful for the great opportunity it provides to present our Olympic bid.

He added, “having the chance to share our vision with over 800 key participants is a major step in the bid process and I am looking forward to speaking about some of the important or unique areas our Games plan offers, for example, how our master plan maximizes our existing venues and city infrastructure, or being able to reassure that the fundamentals of the Games finances are fully guaranteed by our government.

“We want to demonstrate that we have listened, learned and developed and that we can deliver a responsible Games. We want to excite everyone at ANOC with our enthusiasm and passion for sport and share the colour and vibrancy of our welcoming city”.

Joining Blanco at ANOC are Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, Victor Sanchez, CEO Madrid 2020, Theresa Zabell, International CEO Madrid 2020, Jaime Garcia Legaz, Secretary of State for Trade and Commerce, and International Olympic Committee (IOC) members Mariso Casado, Juan Antonio Samaranch and Jose Perurena.

The ANOC Assembly takes place June 14 to 16 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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