Japanese Prime Minister Vows “Full Support” For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bid

While giving a pep talk to Japanese athletes heading to London to compete at the Olympic Games later this month, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda promised that his government will provide “full support” for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games bid. According to Kyodo News, Noda wants the bid to demonstrate that Japan is rebuilding in the aftermath of the devestating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on March 11, 2011.

On Noda’s comments, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 Tsunekazu Takeda said “I am encouraged and honoured by the Prime Minister’s strong support ahead of the London Games. Additionally, the rock steady support from all levels of government, up to and including the Prime Minister, demonstrates Tokyo 2020’s readiness to deliver a lasting legacy for the city, our country and for international sport.”

With strong government backing, Tokyo will now have to develop a strategy to inflate public support for the bid – often an important element during the campaign. An IOC survey showed only 47% of the Tokyo population agreed with the effort to host the Games. The bid has already established a strong social media presence and will have time to build upon that with 14 months remaining in the campaign.

Tokyo is competing against Madrid, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey and all three bids will take part in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) observer program at the Games in London. The cities are due to submit their complete bid dossiers to the IOC in January, 2013.

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