Istanbul Mayor Warns Protesters City Could Lose 2020 Olympic Bid

Istanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbas urged protesters Monday not to persist with demonstrations, saying that prolonged protests in Turkey could turn the city’s hopes of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games into a distant “dream”.

The Associated Press reports Topbas saying, “we have now entered the final stages of the 2020 Olympic (bidding). If these (incidents) continue and there are problems, the 2020 Games will be nothing but a dream. The (Turkish nation) stands to lose, Istanbul stands to lose. We all know who will gain”.

Istanbul is making its fifth bid for the Olympic Games and its competitors are Madrid and Tokyo.

Istanbul 2020 has said that feedback from IOC members and other Olympic officials has been positive and understand.

The IOC is selecting the host city for the 2020 Games September 7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.