High Powered Istanbul 2020 Delegation At Innsbruck Youth Games

A “high-powered” Istanbul 2020 delegation arrived in Innsbruck Thursday for the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games to promote and support Istanbul’s bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Turkey’s Minister of Sport, Suat Kilic, said Thursday, “the Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made the Olympic Games a personal priority and a national imperative. Turkey’s bid to bring the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Istanbul is a mission that has the full support of the government – it is a mission that should be embraced by all political parties and indeed by the entire nation”.

A member of the delegation is Hasan Arat, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey who said, “after a decade of growth, and progress, and lessons learned, the time is now right for Istanbul 2020. Turkey is better placed than ever before to offer the IOC the chance to cross a new frontier. Istanbul 2020 can connect the Olympic Movement to a new territory with unique cultural and economic potential where Asia and Europe meet”.

He added, “Turkey is in a period of remarkable economic, social and sporting development. Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a critical opportunity for us to accelerate and sustain that development”.

Commenting on the preparations for the IOC Applicant City File, Arat said, “working with the finest Turkish and international technical and Olympic experts, our focus over the last few months has been on preparing a really exciting and innovative concept that works for Istanbul and Turkey, but one that also meets the needs and highest standards of the Olympic Movement in the 21st Century. This will be reflected in our Applicant City file which we are on track to submit to the IOC on 15 February.

According to an Istanbul 2020 press release the full details of the structure of the Istanbul 2020 bid committee are being finalized and will be announced in due course.

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