European Best Destination Award Boosts Istanbul 2020 Bid

Istanbul has been voted European Best Destination 2013 boosting its bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The award was created by European Consumers Choice – a leading independent NGO based in Brussels.

Organizers of the award wrote of Istanbul, “the only city in the word to straddle two continents. Turkey’s fabled city of Istanbul at the historic crossroads between East and West is the perfect choice for a refreshing, exciting and cultural city break with a difference”.

Hasan Arat, Chairman of Istanbul 2020 said, “this prestigious award for Istanbul confirms the city’s rapidly growing popularity for foreign visitors. People want to come to Istanbul and we love to host them here. Istanbul’s appeal comes from its vibrant culture, fascinating history and spectacular location bridging East and West. These figures show us that people from all over the world want Istanbul to ‘Bridge Together’ in 2020”.

He added, “the Turkish people’s thirst for sport and Istanbul’s status as a trusted host of international sporting events has, no doubt, contributed to the large numbers visiting the city. Eighty three per cent of Istanbul’s population – 11 million people – want the Olympic Games to come to Turkey for the very first time. But this award, combined with the vast number of visitors to Istanbul every year, shows us that, importantly, the rest of the world is excited to have an Olympic Games set against the iconic backdrop of Istanbul in 2020”.