Don't Drop Rome 2020 Said Italy's Olympic Committee

The Associated Press reports Italy’s Olympic committee president has urged the government not to drop Rome’s bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games amid concerns over the country’s financial crisis.

Gianni Petrucci, head of Rome 2020, urged Premier Mario Monti to commit to the bid, calling it a “unique and one-time opportunity” to bring the Games back to Rome for the first time since 1960.

Premier Monti, head of a government tackling Italy’s economic problems, has been non-committal about guaranteeing funds for the Olympics, reports The Associated Press.

Petrucci told Corriere della Sera Tuesday that postponing the candidacy until the 2024 Olympics would put Italy in a tough position against possible bids from South Africa, France and the United States.

Rome is bidding for the 2020 Games against Madrid, Tokyo, Istanbul, Dona, Qatar and Baku.

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