Doha, Baku, Promote 2020 Summer Games Bids

Doha 2020 will be represented by a high level delegation at the Innsbruck Winter Youth Olympic Games which begin Friday.

Noora Al Mannai, CEO of Doha 2020 said Thursday, “the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games is an excellent opportunity for our team to experience an important new event in the Olympic calendar, meet members of the Olympic Family, and to listen and learn. We are pleased and proud to be here in Innsbruck”.

She added, “we are close to finalizing the content of our 2020 Applicant File and I’m sure we will see things here which will further enhance our thinking”.

Meanwhile Baku 2020 has announced the opening of the first major ski resort in Azerbaijan.

According to a press release, although the new resort is predominantly designed for winter sports, skiing in particular, there will be also a range of other sports facilities and activities available for tourists visiting during the summer months.

Visitors will have the use of tennis courts, football and basketball pitches, swimming pools and covered sports complexes. Other activities will include walking, horse riding, and climbing.

The new Shahdag Ski Complex is located in the Caucasus mountain range, within the Shahdag National Park.

Azerbaijan is investing heavily in world-class sporting infrastructure throughout the country, including a new Olympic Stadium, 40 Olympic sports complexes, an aquatics centre, a football academy, and an ice hockey stadium, said the press release.

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