Clashes Difficult For Istanbul 2020 Bid

Istanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbas said the violent clashes that rocked Istanbul the last few days will be difficult to explain to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Topbas described the police’s withdrawal as coming “too late”.

Topbas told private broadcaster NTV Saturday, “as Istanbul’s mayor going through such an event, the fact that the whole world watched, saddens me. How will we explain it? With what claims will we host the 2020 Olympic Games?”

Just days ago the Istanbul 2020 bid committee made a presentation to the IOC for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The host city will be elected by the IOC in September. The other cities bidding for the 2020 Games are Madrid and Tokyo.

Topbas also said he welcomed the withdrawal of the police saying, “it’s a very correct move, but the police have been very late in pulling back. It could have been done much earlier. In democratic countries, people can gather to form ideas”.