Anti-Government Protests To “Strengthen” Istanbul's Olympic Bid

The organizing committee for the Istanbul 2020 Summer Olympic Games bid said that the recent anti-government protests will have “no effect” on their bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

The committee said, “while they are obviously as keen as we are for a swift and peaceful resolution, the majority of people we have spoken to recognize that 2020 is still several years away”. The committee added that they didn’t feel that the protests would interfere with the preparation for the Games, including infrastructure enhancements. Istanbul is planning construction of the world’s biggest airport, and the building of the venues.

Istanbul 2020 officials made its presentation at the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) General Assembly in Lausanne.

Turkish International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Ugur Erdener, head of Turkey’s Olympic committee, told the delegates he wanted to speak “about the headlines you may be reading”.

He said, “the path of a democratic nation is not always an easy one. But it is the right one. We welcome the dialogue that is taking place and beginning to wind down the protests.

“In Istanbul, the voice of progress will be tempered by the voice of tolerance. And the bond of our secular democracy and its responsibility to govern will be strengthened. And Istanbul will be an even better host for 2020”.

Istanbul 2020 said Istanbul will emerge from its current bloody strife with its credentials as potential hosts of the 2020 Olympics enhanced even further.

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