The “Big Money” Was In Chicago: IOC President Jacques Rogge

At a press conference following the completion of the Olympic Congress in Copenhagen, IOC President Jacques Rogge agreed that Chicago would have been a better financial choice for the Olympic Games in 2016.

“It is clear that the IOC in its choice has not chosen, as it has been critisized many times, for the big money. Had we had big money as a consideration then we would have gone with Chicago. That’s what it shows. That proves that money is not the driving force in the choice of an Olympic city”, Rogge said.

Earlier this week various media reports indicated that television contracts with U.S. broadcasters would be less lucrative after a Rio victory.

Rogge encouraged the losing cities to try again and learn from the winning city’s model.

“If you are not successful the first time then you have to try to learn the lessons why you were not selected and correct them. That is what Rio has done.”

The IOC President later discussed possible modifictions to the bidding process that may include shortening the “applicant status” phase of the bid by five to six months.

“It would reduce the chances that some cities that are not making the cut because of lack of quality.”

The IOC session will continue in Copenhagen on Wednesday.