Sports Media Award Boosts Doha 2016

The International Sport Press Association (ISPA) has awarded the Asian Games in Doha first place for having the best media services for journalists in 2007. Doha 2006 was held in December and was therefore eligible for the 2007 award.

Ali Bin Ali, Chairman of the Doha 2016 Bid Committee said, “the 2006 Asian Games in Doha provided clear evidence of Qatar’s ability to host a major international multi-sport event successfully and to welcome athletes, spectators and journalists from all over the world. We are committed and dedicated to providing the media with the best possible assistance and support – and we are very proud that the award from AIPS acknowledges the efforts made during the Games”.

During the Asian Games – the world’s second largest multi-sport, multi-day event after the Olympic Games – Doha hosted 8,000 athletes competing in 39 sports over a 15-day period.

Doha 2016 issued a media release that said if awarded the 2016 Summer Games Doha will construct a “Media City” in cooperation with Qatar University, on a 72-hectre site. It will include a Media Village accommodating up to 22,000 people, directly adjacent to the Main Media Centre – and its location is 14 km on average from all competition venues.

The “Media City” will be served by its own metro station and is located on multiple transport corridors, allowing the Media Transport System to operate efficiently between venues.

The bid committee is working with the Qatar Supreme Council for the Environment, emphasizing the use of solar power, water conservation, sustainable materials and design, and ultra efficient intelligent systems.

Once the Games are over the venue will be divided into two components – the smaller one will offer housing for university students. But most of the units will be adapted to create apartments for sale or lease and at least one of the buildings will be used as an apartment-hotel for attendees at conferences and exhibitions.

The Media City will provide students who in the future will attend Qatar University, with a lasting legacy in terms of the infrastructure provided, as well as a genuine Olympic facility for their academic needs, said the media release.