Rankings On Peace Index Boost Tokyo, Doha 2016 Bids

Tokyo is the fifth most peaceful nation in the world while Qatar has been ranked second most peaceful country in the Middle East and the 33rd most peaceful country in the world, on the 2008 Global Peace Index.

Tokyo 2016 and Doha 2016 hope that the rankings will boost their respective bids for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The Tokyo 2016 bid committee issued a media release saying it is confident that this unbiased confirmation of Japan’s high standing in terms of international peace and domestic safety and security gives further weight and credibility to Japan’s bid.

The index is based on 24 qualitative and quantitative indicators. Japan’s exceptionally low levels of violent crime, violent demonstrations and homicides, among other favourable factors, led to the country being ranked fifth out of 40 nations, following Iceland, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016, said, “we are honoured that the report endorses Japan’s high level of domestic safety and security. Tokyo 2016 is unconditionally confident that Tokyo is one of the world’s safety and most peaceful cities. Should Tokyo be honoured to host the 2016 Olympics we can assure the safety of spectators and Olympic family alike throughout the Games. The report gives us further encouragement to bring the 2016 Games to Japan and thereby strengthen Tokyo’s sporting, social and environmental legacies to be enjoyed in harmony and peace by future generations”.

Meanwhile Qatar has been ranked second most peaceful country in the Middle East and the 33rd most peaceful country in the world.

Hassan Ali Bin Ali, Chairman of the Doha 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games said, “this index reinforces our belief that our bid delivers on one of the fundamental principles of Olympism – to promote a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. Doha 2016 can quite literally help change the world by offering a radically new perspective on the Arab world, showing the values of a modern, progressive and open Islamic state – at the forefront of change in the Middle East”.

Hassan added, “a Doha 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games would help to change perceptions about the Arab world and culture. The Games and the years leading up to them will show how we have maintained our traditional desert culture of generosity, hospitality and welcoming natures”.