Prague, Baku To Try Again

Prague 2016 organizers told CTK they’re not surprised that Prague was not shortlisted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Tomas Petera, head of the candidacy-organizing company Olympic Prague said, “this is no surprise as it is the most experienced cities that have advanced. For a long time we have spoken about the Olympics in 2020 or 2024 being our main goal. This is why it is a hope for Prague that Rio failed to be shortlisted twice in the past but it has succeeded now”.

Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said in a press release, “it is no tragedy. We entered the battle over 2016 with a very small chance”, adding that the first candidacy’s main aim was to present the city. “We have internationally presented ourselves as a courageous city that strives to host Olympics. We will draw a lesson from our mistakes and from the IOC’s recommendation and we will correct the mistakes”.

“We will concentrate on the (candidacy) procedure for 2020”, said Petera.

The relevant commission of the Prague Council is meeting June 12 to discuss the city’s lost candidacy and further steps Prague should take regarding the Olympics.

Petera said Prague would adjust its next application according to what pros and cons the IOC would highlight in its previous application.

Meanwhile Ismayil Ismayilov, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport for Azerbaijan, told TrendNews that Baku had been ready to host the 2016 Summer Games. He said, “we should not take exclusion of Azerbaijan from the list of precedents to host the Olympic Games 2016 as a failure – quite the contrary it was Azerbaijan’s victory. No country ever has the possibility to host the Olympic Games in its first attempt. Despite of that, I still believe that Azerbaijan was ready to host the Games”.

He said Baku will be nominated to host the next Olympic Games. “Now everybody knows that Azerbaijan has a huge experience to host international contests. In spite of our first unsuccessful attempt, I believe that in future, Olympic Games will be held in Azerbaijan”.

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