Baku 2016 Venue Concept To Be Expanded

Baku 2016 is defining and expanding its venue concept in its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games with the help of AS&P – Albert Speer and Partner – an internationally acclaimed planning and architectural company. The main objective, according to a Baku 2016 media release, is to validate a sustainable and exemplary ecological planning concept that relates not only to the remediation of seriously contaminated areas (e.g. the former Bibi-Heybat oilfield), but also the integration of ecological components into the architecture of the sports facilities.

The Olympic Park comprising 11 sports facilities will be located on the former Bibi Heybat oilfield site. The artificial landfill created for crude oil exploitation will be transformed into “spacious” urban parkland with the competition venues located in the newly modelled terrain.

The National Aquatics Centre and the Gymnastics Complex will be stationed at Azizbekov roundabout at the northern entrance to Baku city centre adjacent to the Azizbekov metro station.

A 40-storey hotel tower will occupy the corner plot and landmark the Olympic venue.

Venue construction costs for the Olympic Park and the Azizbekov Complex add up to an estimated $630 million.