2016 Bid Cities Say Why They Should Win

The four cities bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games – Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid – are ramping up their bids just hours before the IOC elects a host city.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 officials had an hour-long media briefing at their hotel that included a 10 minute film presentation as to what the Olympics would look like if Rio hosted the Games.

Agence France-Presse reports the city’s governor Sergio Cabral said, “Rio’s Games plan is one of the most complete in Olympic history. We’re talking about an election here and we’re going to ask for votes until the last minute. We’re very optimistic but there are four big cities with four big bids. Each city has been told by the IOC’s evaluation committee that it has the capacity to host the Games but we have the capacity to transform the Games in Rio. Now is the time for the IOC movement to go to South America”.

Chicago 2016 says public support remains steady for the city’s bid. A poll, conducted by Zogby International, shows that 72 per cent of those polled support Chicago’s bid, down marginally from a Zogby poll late last year that showed 77 per cent support.

Patrick Ryan, CEO of Chicago 2016 said, “we are gratified by these results and believe this poll reflects the excitement and enthusiasm people have for bringing the Games to Chicago in 2016. Moving into the last days of the bid and our final presentation to the International Olympic Committee, we appreciate the continued support, locally and nationally for our efforts”.

Dr. Ichiro Kono said that Tokyo’s bid was the best of the four candidates and that it should be the one to emerge victorious when the IOC members vote on Friday. AFP reports Kono remained optimistic that his team’s relatively low key approach would win the day. He said, “there is no doubt we are the best choice. We are here to win and we have the best technical plan. We are setting the stage for heroes”, he added.

He said, “we have incredible public support with 27 out of 30 million people in Tokyo and 100 million people in Japan wanting the Games”.

Madrid’s Mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon told reporters Tuesday he felt more confident about Madrid’s bid before meeting the IOC in Copenhagen than afterwards. He said he felt a little nervous when presenting his city to the judges.

But the Mayor stressed that Madrid has “very favourable circumstances” that could swing the vote in its favour. “We have the best product and we have generated a scenario when the evaluation of the product’s quality will be a determining factor”.

Ruiz-Gallardon said he is also anxious about what he called the “Obama effect” which could mean Chicago wins more votes.