2016 Bid Cities Pump Up Their Bids

Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will be in Copenhagen to support Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Japan Today reports the prime minister will make an appeal on an environmental point of view on behalf of Tokyo at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting where the 2016 host city will be elected,

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirofumi Hirano told a news conference Monday, “we’ve judged it would be a good opportunity to appeal the importance of the global environment, given that Tokyo has presented its original concept to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible”.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr. reportedly said Monday Madrid is set to get 25-50 per cent of the votes Friday, enough to fight “a good battle”.

He added, “if we put in terms of percentages, we have significantly more than 25 per cent, but we do not make it to 50 (per cent)”, he said of the first round of voting.

“The floor of votes we have, the people we believe in, is enough to fight a good battle”, Samaranch Jr. told the German Press Agency dpa.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio da Silva said Rio will win the bid because the country is the only country among the world’s 10 richest to never host the Games.

Lulu, who will be in Copenhagen Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 to attend the final presentation before the IOC said, “I’ve written letters to all presidents that have a delegation at the International Olympic Committee. Brazil will win because we have the best proposal”.