Top Olympic Bid Stories of 2014: #6 – U.S. Finally Makes 2024 Bid Official presents the seventh annual Top Ten list of Olympic Bid Stories for 2014. These stories impacted the course of Olympic bids, or the Olympic bid process, and formed interesting plot lines for the year. We’ll run them down from 10th to 1st during the holiday season.

#6 – U.S. Finally Makes 2024 Bid Official Top Ten 2014 #6 Top Ten 2014 #6

The only surprise about this top story is how long it took to be official.

After planning two straight Summer Games bids and then sitting out for another, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) decided that it would bid for the 2024 Olympics.

The news came after the USOC coyly conducted a months-long domestic evaluation process that was neither transparent nor apologetic for its secrecy.  The plan for the USOC was to investigate its options, and if a suitable candidate was found – nominate it to host the 2024 Games.  In December, CEO Scott Blackmun announced that a bid would indeed be forwarded – but no city had been chosen.

Four cities are eligible to be selected – Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington – and the USOC plans to finalize the decision early in the new year.

IOC President Thomas Bach has reportedly encouraged the USOC to bid according to American IOC Member Larry Probst.  Chicago’s bid for 2016 placed last of four cities and New York’s bid for 2012 was fourth of five.  Many, including USOC insiders, blamed the losses on the tenuous relationship with the IOC due in part to a lopsided revenue-sharing agreement.  A new agreement was reached in 2012.

The USOC believes that after 28 years it should be America’s turn to host the Summer Games, but the chosen city will face tough competition.  Rome is already in the race as well as Berlin or Hamburg in Germany.  A South African city may also bid – so might Melbourne, Doha, Budapest, Istanbul and Baku.  The IOC opens its invitation phase January 15 and applications are due September 15, 2015.  The final election will take place in 2017 in Lima, Peru.

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